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A Cool Way to Golf



Meet The Golf Breeze

The Golf Breeze is two lightweight durable fans that attaches to the golf cart in just seconds and the best thing it works on all gas and electric golf carts (carts with lithium batteries will require more time to find a 12 volt electrical source).

Just set the Golf Breeze in place secure the straps (personal carts may want to use the clips provided), connect the fan to the cart's battery (see instructions) and enjoy the cool breeze.

The Golf Breeze has two 10" fans one for you and one for your playing cart partner. Each fan operates independently with two speed settings (Low and High).

The Golf Breeze is also very affordable. About half of what a new driver costs. So why wait? Get your Golf Breeze today from a participating cart dealer and start playing cool golf today!


Permanent or temporary 

Our fan system can be placed on carts with or without drilling 

Fits All golf carts

Multiple Speed Settings

The patented bracket system fits all golf carts

Multiple speed setting help keep you cool even on the hottest days


Authorized Retailers

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Benton, Kentucky


Marshall County Golf Carts

O'Fallon,  Missouri

Paducah, Kentucky

Mid America Customs

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West Kentucky Golf Carts

Salem, Illinois


Little Egypt Golf Carts

Chandler, Indiana


Mid America Powered Vehicles



My wife Brenda and I have been life long golfers. We play 12 – 14 couples scramble tournaments each year. Because of these tournaments, there are times we are playing golf when the temperature is 90 degrees plus.


I thought there has got to be a way to add a fan to a golf cart that would provide some relief from the heat. After two years of trial and error I finally developed a unit that is quiet, has two fans with two variable speed settings for both the driver and the passenger and delivers a cool breeze to the back of your neck. Right where you need it.


Interested in becoming a Authorized Retailer?

Thank you for your interest in carrying the Golf Breeze at your business! We will contact you within the next 2-3 business days.

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